Dual tidal modulator with max, min & mix outs

FranKinksTides is a 18hp dual Tides (based on the Swirls pcb layout) with the max/min circuit from Kinks and some switches for sync, quadrature, pll and fm operation . It can be a double/complex oscillator, a dual function generator or any combination of oscillator, Lfo and Envelope generator with lots of cv control plus some interesting cross-modulation and sync features.

some improvements in version 1.2:

-Mix output is now buffered, no signal bleeding on single outs.

-Mix pot controls also the balance of the signals sent to the max/min circuit.

-Uni/bi switch now also determines the signal sent to FM1.

-Clock/sync switch has now a center OFF position, no need of plugging a dummy cable in the Clock1 when using Sheeps firmware to avoid ultra fast sound bank changes. 

small improvements for DIY:

-Bigger font size on the pcb.

-Parts renumbered for easy DIY.

original design by Émilie Gillet

Available assembled and DIY (pcb+panel)