Polar8 is an 8 channel attenuator / attenuverter and manual CV generator in 12HP eurorack format. It can be used for both CV and audio signals. A pretty simple but useful utility module.

Bicolor leds will display the voltage present on each output (red for negative voltages and green for positive ones).

Each input is normalized to the previous one, so a signal plugged to an input  will be present in the next channels if those have no patch cables on the inputs, this allows to provide several versions (scaled or inverted) of the same CV source to your rack.

First channel has a voltage reference normalized to the input (which can be set to +5v / +10v with the jumper on the back of the module).

The toggle switches will set if a channel behaves as an attenuator (up) or attenuverter (down). In attenuator mode the mute corresponds to the lower position of the fader, in attenuverter mode the mute  would be the center position.

Power connector has reverse polarity protection.

  • 55 mA +12V

  • 55 mA -12V


Manual & build guide

Bill Of Materials:

  • PCBA - included in the partial kit

  • 8 Faders - included in the partial kit

  • 8 ON/ON SP Subminiature toggle switch 118-2MS1T1B1M2QES

  • 16 Thonkiconns PJ398SM

  • Male header 2.54mm 2x5 pin 

  • Male header 2.54mm 1x3 pin and jumper

  • 8 Bicolor leds (2 legs) 604-WP937EGW