Analog modelling digital oscillator with phase offset modulation

Radioactive is a small but powerful 14-bit analog modelling voltage-controlled digital sound source: a complete voice Eurorack module in 6HP. It consists of 3 simultaneous independent oscillators, voltage-controlled AR/ASR transient generator, voltage-controlled pitch slew (glide) and voltage-controlled waveshaper with 5 different modes, but that's just the beginning. Its forte consists of selectable gate/trigger/constant envelope timing signals, rather unique 3-voice polyphonic mode, semitone-quantized mode, voltage-controlled waveform selection, on-the-fly selectable 10Vpp CV input range with offset (except for Pitch), a few experimental features, and then some.

Under the hood, it's a chiptune-inspired wavetable-gnawing sound cruncher with a mind of it's own, and oh boy it's dirty. It could be described as raw and untamed, but it would probably be an understatement.


  • V/Oct Pitch input with attenuator

  • 3 CV inputs with offset (Glide/Attack, Release, Shaper)

  • Trig/Gate input for envelope triggering/gating

  • Wave change trigger input

  • Single button with 3 different functions: waveform change with short press, shift function (alternate control parameter) with long press, enter setup mode on power-up.

  • 3 green illuminated indicators of selected waveform and their combinations, also providing information in setup mode

  • Single red illuminated indicator of incoming trigger or high/low gate signal

  • Simple and intuitive setup without menu diving (parameters are saved and recalled at start-up)

  • 3 different operation modes (A, B & C) selectable in setup:

A - Free range oscillator with Attack and Release envelope

B - Free range oscillator with Release envelope and Glide

C - Quantized oscillator with Release envelope and Glide

  • 3 different envelope activation modes (G, T & P) selectable in setup:

G - Gate mode, monophonic

T - Trigger mode, monophonic

P - Poly mode, 3-voice polyphonic

  • 5 different wave shaper modes selectable in setup and at runtime

  • 9 basic waveforms and 12 different combinations


  • VCDO sound source with thousands of possible waveform shapes

  • All inputs: 100k impedance, 512Hz DC rate

  • 32kHz refresh rate

  • 14-bit sound generation

  • 10-bit CV capture

  • V/oct input range: 0 to +5V (C1-C6 with octave shift control to cover the entire C0-C8 range)

  • CV input range: on-the-fly selectable 0 to 10V, -5 to +5V or any other 10Vpp range between -10 and +10V

  • Trig/Gate input range: 0 to +10V (0V closed, 3V+ open), protected

  • Output levels: -5V to +5V (10Vpp), envelope/shaper mode dependable

  • Professionally designed front panel with all linked functions clearly labeled in different colours

  • Comprehensive User guide covering all operation modes and extensive Build guide for DIYers