This modules is a 6 channels function generator,
each channel has an attenuverter to set the output gain,
there are 2 extra outputs with mixed signals (channels 1+2+3 and 4+5+6) for complex CV

-With no signal plugged in the input, channel will self-oscillate generating an LFO of ±4,8V

-With gate/trigger signals in the input, channel is an AR envelope generator

-With an stepped CV signal plugged in the input, the channel acts as a slew limiter

min attack/decay time:
0,3 milliseconds in fast mode
13  milliseconds in slow mode

max LFO length:
1"         in fast mode
1'20" in slow mode

max attack/decay length:
13"     in fast mode
3'00" in slow mode (approx)

18 HP 159 mA +12V 153 mA -12V

 Bill Of Materials:

  • 6x subminiature ON/ON switches SPDT 2MS1T1B3M2QES

  • 12x potentiometers A1M (rise & fall)

  • 6x potentiometers 100k (center detent optional)

  • 6x bi-color leds (2 legs)

  • 14 thonkiconn jacks

  • 2x male headers 2x5 pin 2,54mm pitch

Assembling Selam:

  • first solder 2 headers

  • solder the 6 leds with the stand pieces, total height of the led + stand shouldn’t be more than 10mm. Keep in mind that leds are polarized components

  • place all pots and trimmers, jacks and the switches (toggle switches with a nut under the panel)

  • place the panel, put nuts on the pots, jacks and the second nut of the toggle switches

  • solder everything