Step Fader mkII

Step Fader mkII it’s a ‘hands on’ eurorack dual sequencer, featuring two 8 step lines or one with 16 steps, plus quantizer, slew limiter, internal clock generator, CV inputs to control any parameter and more…


Each sequencer has independent settings for the play mode, start point, size (length), clock divider (or step repeat), transposition and duty cycle.

There are 16 presets to store & recall all the above settings plus CV input assignment, scale, tempo, step repeat and clock out ones.

The 2 channels of the quantizer can be used for processing external signals, same for the slew limiters.

The 16 illuminated buttons can be used to set several parameters, even to play the sequencer as a keyboard.

 There are 3 MAIN SETUPS:

DUAL (2 totally independent 8 step sequencers)

PARALLEL (one sequencer with 2 rows of CV and 8 steps) 

SINGLE (one sequencer with 16 steps)

There are also these PLAY MODES:

  • Normal

  • Reverse

  • Pendulum

  • Drunk

  • Random

Each sequencer features: 

  • Clock input (clock input 1 is normalised to clock input 2)

  • Clock output

  • Reset input

  • Gate/Trigger output

  • Slew limiter output (unquantized)

  • V/OCT output (quantized)

Additionally, there are 2 summing outputs:

  • Gate/Trigger 1+2 (OR output of both G/T)

  • CV 1+2 (sum of both slew limiters)

Features 2 CV inputs with offset pots. Assignable parameters are mode, start, size, clock divider, key (the position of the sequencer is controlled by CV), transposition and duty cycle.


Manual & build guide