Tex Mix - 4 Mono Channels

This is a 4 mono channels expansion. Several of these modules can be added to provide more channels. Every channel features:

- Mono input

-Linear VCA (only versions 1.5 & 1.6, previous version has a Vactrol Gate)

-SEND A control (switchable PRE/POST, in PRE mode the signal is present regardless to the channel volume control but only if the channel switch is in ON position)

-SEND B control (post-fader)

-PAN control (only affects the master bus)

-VOLUME control (affects the master, cue and POST sends, does not affect PRE-fader send)

-ON/OFF/CUE switch: ON - channel is routed to the master bus

OFF - channel is muted

CUE - channel is routed to the cue bus

-Header for direct outs (only versions 1.5 & 1.6)


Manual & build guide