Tex Mix - Master Section

This is the main module of the mixer and the only indispensable one, the only one that needs the eurorack power cable. It provides power to all the other modules and contains the summing circuit for all channels in every audio bus.


- 2 Stereo aux returns A and B with dedicated volume control (2 stereo inputs)

- SEND A aux out

- SEND B aux out

- Master stereo output with dedicated volume control

- Monitor stereo output (configurable for CUE only out or CUE/MASTER out with jumpers on the back)

- CUE/MASTER balance pot (mix control for the headphones and, if so desired, the monitor out)

- Headphones output with dedicated volume control

...in version 1.5:

-Return A can be configured for modular or line level gain,  so it can be used with Strymon pedals, non eurorack effect processors or synths

-Bus outs with pin headers on the back to connect the vu meter BLINKS (master pre-fader, master post-fader, cue, sends A&B)



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