VC Logics

2 x Logic gates with voltage controlled boolean function selection

Logic gates are used in order to combine GATE signals to conditional event. For example it can be used to combine the GATE signals from various sequencers to get different patterns.

The module has 2  logic processors, the boolean function can be selected with the potentiometer, the CV input or the push button. The CV input range is 0 to 8V,  but the potentiometer will work as an offset, so for example, placing the pot in the center position will allow the use of bipolar ±4v CV sources like LFOs etc. The input is protected so voltages over 8v will be trimmed out.

Each processor can work in 2 modes: 

-Free: when the  boolean function changes the output changes according to the inputs & logic type.

-Quantized:  when the boolean function changes the output won't change until there is a change in any of the inputs, that way you won't get out of time beats when using the module for percussions with and LFO in the CV input ...for example.

To change the mode long press the button (1 second) if the mode you've just entered is the 'free' one you'll see a pattern on the leds. 

CV input 1 can be set to be a trigger input with a jumper in the back of the module, to work just like the push button, so any incoming trigger will jump to the next boolean function, those functions are: